Natalie admits she has to work on culling her stash.

Music Featured

If I Knew You were coming I'd have Baked a Cake - Gracie Fields
Bongo Ride - Jon Rauhouse
Beamish's Goat - Folksong played by Doug Goodhart
I'm no Superman - Lazlo Bane


Rigamaroles & Ragamuffins - Elinor Kapp
Simple Times - Amy Sedaris
Barnyard in Your Backyard - Edited by Gail Damerow
Other things
Pygora Goats (Wikipedia)
Painted Turtle Afghan (Interweave Crochet)

Misfits - Wikipedia page
The Good Life (Wikipedia)


Direct download: CWCF_019.mp3
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Cooper Spur Mountain Resort Thanksgiving 2010


Winter is here or in the Pacific Northwest we call it Wetter.  I might as well call this one the Burl Ives Classic Episode, but I was have a pastblast of Christmas media the night before I recorded this.

Music featured:

  • Island of Misfit Toys (Burl Ives and others)
  • Typewriter Song (?)
  • Marshmallow World (Brenda Lee)
  • Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Tchaikovsky)
  • You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch (Burl Ives)
  • Put One Foot in Front of the Other (Burl Ives & Mickey Rooney)


Direct download: CWCF_018.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:53pm EDT

On/Off the needles:


Music Featured this Episode:

Direct download: CWCF_017.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:57pm EDT


This is Natalie here. I'm very excited to host this upcoming #knitchat on Thursday November 18, 2010 (5 PM PST/ 8 PM EST). I have a feeling this first one might be modest, but that's good, it will be a great opportunity for everyone to get our feet wet with a Twitter chat on knitting. Ever since I first started tweeting, I've found that it's an excellent way to find others who are interested in the same things that I am. In  this case knitting, crochet, and fiberarts. 

If this goes well, I may start hosting this weekly. If I can't manage it, I may tag some very willing volunteers to help moderate the chat. Knitting is about community afterall. This new phenomenon of social networking online can be open to all willing folks.

If you're interested do come join us; love to see you there!

How do I participate in the upcoming #knitchat?

  1. Get a Twitter account ( if you don’t already have one.
  2. On Thursday November 18, 2010 at 5:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) log on to Twitter and start chatting away (including the #knitchat hashtag in the text of your tweet. The chat will last approx. 1 hour long.
  3. The moderator of the chat, in this case me, will tweet the questions that will guide discussion. Don’t worry I’ll label the questions “Q1,” “Q2,” etc. and I’ll repeat them several times.
  4. Chat and respond away. Have fun :) Please offer your own wisdom, wit, happy smileyness and lovely knit related comments.
  5. The last five-ten minutes we can spend time introducing ourselves and plugging our sites, latest FO (finished object) that we’re proud of etc.
  6. Also, if you’re shy, you don’t have to contribute to the discussion. Just type the “#knitchat” hashtag into the “Search” on Twitter and refresh every minute or so. Voila you will see the chat happening before you.

How do I follow along or contribute to discussion in a #knitchat?

How the conversation works. With every tweet you want to contribute to the discussion type in #knitchat at the beginning or end it doesn’t matter.

When you search for this #hashtag (#knitchat) in Twitter and refresh the search, voila… you will see a stream of tweets shared by your fellow knit tweeters.

Depending on the number of participants and how fast they tweet the stream make flow pretty quickly, but that’s okay. You can always look back at the stream after the chat is over to catch any valuable links, photos, or pithy humor your fellow knitters may be sharing

How does the numbered question thing work in a Twitter discussion?

During the chat one or two people may moderate the chat by sending out a discussion question out every ten minutes or as needed. They label these questions with a number. For example if I ask people Question #2…the following exchange might take place

@Cloudynatknit: QUESTION POST -  Q2) What is your favorite standby knitted holiday gift? #knitchat

@Afakeknitter: Q2 Washcloths accompanied with a lovely bar of soap #knitchat

@KnitterX: Q2 -Hats and mittens with personalized tags :) #knitchat

If you get lost in the case of our #knitchat discussion, always look for the text “QUESTION POST” when scrolling through the recent chat/tweet history.

What are the questions for #knitchat?

For those of you who like to prepare in advance… I’m posting them here.

Q1) Introductions? Who are you? Ravelry ID or handle?

Q2) What is your favorite standby knitted holiday gift?

Q3)  How do keep your holiday projects organized? Stay on task? Methods? Tools?

Q4) Do you have any holiday gift fails? What were they?

Q5)  Do you have any other  coping strategies?

Q6) Any cool quick knit patterns you want to share? Any cool gift ideas for knitters you want to share?

Category:general -- posted at: 8:54am EDT

A few scary stories and some sequinned shoes later and Natalie is ready for Halloween.


Music Featured: 

Twitter Chat Instructions:

I started a new Twitter ID for this chat it’s @cloudynatknit. But you don’t have to follow me to participate in knit chat... all you have to do is the following. 

  1. Sign up for a twitter account if you don’t have one (
  2. On November 18, 2010 at 5:00 Pacific Standard Time type in a search for the ‘hashtag’: #knitchat
  3. Chatter away about knitting. The main topic for this chat will be... “Christmas Knitting”
  4. I’ll have a few #’ed questions for us to answer during the chat. I’ll post them to the Cloudy Chance Fiber Blog ahead of time if you want to do your ‘homework.’

Can’t wait to see you there.  I’ll try to post up on Ravelry in both the Cloudy with a Chance of Fiber forum as well as other threads to generate even more interest in the chat. Hopefully the twittering of knitters will fill the air. See you there ;)


Beginning of my yoke sweater in Rasu:

Direct download: CWCF_16.mp3
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Episode 15 - Knitting on a train

Just a short solo show from Rachel:


Staying Busy

Baby gifts:
Better than Booties Baby Socks (free download with Knitting Daily Subscription)

San Francisco Giants Baseball  (warning - video ads)

Some reflections on being a knitting commuter.



Direct download: CWCF_015.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:28pm EDT

For your listening pleasure. I created this playlist for myself and my own craving for this music, but in the interim between our podcasts we thought we'd share this with you our wonderful listeners. Please note the entire track plays all the way through. I did not have time to insert markers in the audio. This is something I'm working on learning more about how to do. Thank you for your patience.  The songs below were found on the Internet Archive. Most of them are from the 1930's or before. Note, some have been already featured in previous podcasts (see items with *) Enjoy! Natalie

  1. Django Rhinehardt - Daphne
  2. Josephine Baker - La Conga Primitive
  3. Frehel - Tel Qu'il Est
  4. French Accordion - Swing 1939*
  5. Edith Piaf - Padam Padam
  6. Django Rhinehardt - Darling Je Vous Aime Boucoup*
  7. Lucienne DeLyle - Sur Le Quais du Vieux Paris
  8. French Accordion - Swing 1939*
  9. Unknown - French Folk song
  10. Edith Piaf - Les Roses Blanches
  11. Frehel - Pepe Le Moko
  12. French Accordion - Pinsionette*
  13. Charles Trenet - Le Soleil a Rendezvous Avec La Lune
  14. Josephine Baker - J'Attendrai


Direct download: PardonMyFrench.mp3
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We still heart all of you. :)

I know some people hate apologies so I won’t give one ;). But we’re on sort of a few week hiatus for now due to life (for both of us) getting in the way of podcasting. But I’ll shortly be posting a musical interlude only offering on the site as an offering and sign that we’re still alive and kicking, just slightly ‘dormant.’

I'm posting this musical collection separately in a following entry.



Direct download: CWCF_Update.mp3
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Episode 14 - 1920s Style

Rachel and Natalie introduce our new forum on Ravelry.  We take a look back at knitting in the 1920s and the social changes that influenced styles.  We have a long discussion of what we've been knitting.

Ideas for a Knit-a-long (Ravelry links):

Let us know if you have any other suggestions!  We'd love to hear them.  Contact us here, through the Ravelry forun, or email us at CloudyChanceFiber(at)gmail(dot com) (replace @ and .com, we don't want to hear from spambots!)

1920s Knitting:


On and Off the Needles:

Music Selections

I want to be Bad - Jack Leon's Symphonic Dance Band
Castles in the Air - Jack Denny and His Waldorf Astoria Orchestra


Direct download: CWCF_014.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:32am EDT

In this episode Natalie talks about knitting for sewing. She also shares some antique knitting treasures and has found the perfect yarn for heirloom aran knitting.

Knitting Books from the past (long ago):

Knitting my way out of my stash:

Yarn Review:


Music Featured:

* I need to get another photo of Eric's vest in it's finished state. I'll post it up here once I find it.

Direct download: CWCF_013.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:14am EDT


Greetings, fellow needlers! This is Natalie. I came home in such a sour mood, didn't feel like podcasting, but I put myself to task... git 'er done, I said. And you know... after sharing with y'all, I'm in a much better mood. 


Rabbit Mnemonic for Single Crochet: (Made some adjustments because what I said in the podcast may not have made a lot of sense :))
1.) Make a chain (or a series of rabbit holes)
2.) Insert the hook into the 2nd stitch from the right (Go into the 2nd rabbit hole from the right)
3.) Pull the working yarn through this hole from the back (Pull one of the rabbits out of the hole)
4.) You have two loops on the hook (Now you have two rabbit friends)
5.) Pull the working yarn through the back of these two loops (bring the another rabbit through both of the friends. He takes these friends away)  
Music Featured:
Direct download: CWCF_012.mp3
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Thank you to everyone who entered or commented. Everyone’s a winner but we have four actual people who got prizes. I was feeling rather generous... so in addition to the yarn I’m giving two bumperstickers (#1: “I knit so I don’t kill people & #2: “Got balls? Knit”) If you want some of your own clever bumperstickers check on the Naked Sheep’s website.  



  • Yarnia - Tian or Knitdesigns on Ravelry
  • Shetland - Desiree
  • Bumpersticker 1: Maris
  • Bumpersticker 2: Julie

I will be contacting the winners via e-mail.  


Actual Answers:

1.) We were at Milo McIver State Park on the Clackamas River here in Oregon.  

2.) That was the sound of my husband’s wet converse tennis shoes stomping on a river rock.


Now I have to go (turn this computer off)  because it’s so damn hot in here and I don’t have air conditioning :(

Category:Contest Details -- posted at: 11:59pm EDT

My attempt at a stainless steel spider web. Knit with beads and Habu Stainless Steel*

Just a note dear listener... This is Natalie. Thank you for bearing with my learning curve. I've been experimenting with changing the format and delivery of the podcast. As ever I and we appreciate any feedback you have to give. :) email:


De Show Notes:

Link to my blog post on the old grey sweater that like at the bottom of my "Bin of Shame/UFO's."

Poorly drawn schematic of a Saddle Shoulder Sweater... note the saddles form the shoulders



Crochet Book Review - Crochet So Fine - Krisitn Omdahl


Music/Sound Featured:


  • A few days left to enter the contest to win Yarnia or handspun yarn in Episode 8
  • I'm natknit and Rachel is RachelP on Ravelry
  • I'm on Twitter - My handle is nlkilkenny

* There is another version of Stainless Steel yarn out by Lion Brand

Direct download: CWCF_011.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:00am EDT

From our last talk... some of the ideas Rachel & I generated:

Additional things knitted/crocheted for gifts
Baby Sweaters:
  • Star of the County Down (as mentioned earlier in Episode 6); 
  • Gwynned's Hat (from Knit Scene Fall 2010) - NL- I'm knitting this in Asland Trend's Invernal. It's a gorgeous project and a breeze to do.
  •  Three Tams (Knitty)
  • Turn a Square Hat (Brooklyn Tweed)
Dishcloths, potholders:
Mitts/Fingerless Gloves:


Remember you can get a hold of us if you have any questions or feedback via .

Category:general -- posted at: 12:44pm EDT

For those of you who are into getting ready for gift giving later in the year here are a few suggestions. Also, we show you exactly how nerdy we are. Bonk!
Remember you can get a hold of us if you have any questions or feedback via .

Note: I will post the list of gift objects with links shortly in a separate blog post (Natalie).
Show Notes:
Otaku = A nerdy fan/collector  
Music Featured:


* I created graph paper in excel by sizing the rows and colums until I got a graph paper grid. If you don't have access to MS Office products then you can easily create one using the spreadsheet feature in Google Docs. Rachel and I actually use Google Docs to collaborate on developing the ideas and outlines for this podcast.

Direct download: CWCF_010.mp3
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Rachel shares her sock knitting secrets, and she's finally finished with her Log Cabin Noro blanket! Natalie obsesses over two very large bumps of red wool. Oh dear!
Rachel's Chat on the Fine Art of Knitting Socks

On/Off Our Needles

BTW - I could not validate the legend or tradition of giving away opals as 'spiteful' gifts. But I did find out that apparently Sir Walter Scott started a rumor/superstition that it was bad luck to give Opals to people who were not born in October... Sir Walter, really? But Queen Victoria luckily dispelled the rumour by giving them away as gifts. (She probably had stock in Australian Opal mines).  

How to get a hold of us.... visit our blog/podcast site at or use our gmail


Music and Audio Selections:

Direct download: CWCF_009.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:08pm EDT

Yarn Contest

Here are the photos of the yarns up for grabs in Episode 8's podcasts. Hey, y'all. There's only one contestant vying for the Yarnia and none for the Shetland handspun. Here's your chance. Post your answers or even best guesses. It doesn't matter if you're wrong. If there aren't enough participants I'll put everyone who comments into the pools for both yarns. To enter read the details in Episode 8's post and follow the directions. Good luck :) Contest 1 - Where was I knitting? Prize: 2 skeins approx. 50 grams each of homespun shetland wool in sport weight. Instead of 1 now 2.

Contest 2 - What's that sound at the end of the podcast? 1 350 yard skein Yarnia Estrel ( 34% Bamboo; 29% Merino; 27% Wool). Sweet... super sweet! Okay, here's where I confess. The yarn I originally promised from Yarnia a cotton bamboo blend was actually gifted from my stash. My deepest apologies. But I stopped by lovely yarnia and picked up this even more gorgeous (in my opinion) cone of Bamboo/Merino/Wool. It's enough to make a pretty luxurious muffler.


Category:general -- posted at: 2:29pm EDT

It's time for you Northwesters to stretch your geography muscles. I was at a particular riverside setting. Can you guess where I was?

Harvey Pekar - the mind behind the comic "American Splendor." Learn more about Harvey at the Pekar Project.

Everyday Inspired Knits:

My apologies to Rhonda White for mentioning Knitting Nonsense which is the place where the pattern is published and to Abigale - 1870pearl for not catching your entire Ravelry handle.

Crocheted Steampunk Gloves - a 3 hour class at the Naked Sheep Knitshop in North Portland, OR - Saturday (August 14) 1:00-4:00pm

Remember students receive 10% OFF all purchases one week before class begins through the last day of class

Yarns Used - Cascade Heritage Sock & Collinette Sock Yarn Fedora Primo - great little hat shop in Santa Monica, CA


Contest #1 for Northwest Natives - Prize = Shetland handspun made by me in a natural fawn brown.

Please note where this is. What river am I on? What's the name of the park where we're at?  

Contest #2 for Everyone Else - Prize = 300 yards of Yarnia - bamboo yarn (DK weight)

What is making the sounds at the end of the podcast??

For both contests note in the comments 1.) The contest number 2.) Your location 3.) Your guess As I noted you have until 8/15 to respond to the comments. I'll announce the winners in our next podcast after that date. If you want to send us your answers... e-mail us at

Here's the photo for contest #1 (Hint there's a bridge in the distance)

Clue # 2 This was the view on the way there...

Music Selections this Podcast:

Waterbound - Shake that Little Foot

Rabbits Never Get Married - Hank Penny

Everyday - Buddy Holly

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<a href=""> My Podcast Alley feed!</a> {pca-d5c8ad3fa95c3fa3eb828961614775ac}


We're now available on Podcast Alley!


Category:general -- posted at: 8:49pm EDT


Well done with it for now... looks like sunny days are around the corner. Here's a mini episode as promised in Episode 6.  

Introduction & Sweater Quest

Gansey Talk

Image of a Gusset from my "Two Week Raglan" made for my husband:


Crochet Chat (Book Review)

Music Selections

Direct download: CWCF_007.mp3
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Now that warm sunny days are round the corner... we hope, we hope, we're starting to look at lace projects. Lofty airy, perfect for knitting on a sultry summer day. If only the darned rain would stop, but we do live in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks again to the Naked Sheep for letting us 'cast in the back.'  And, yes, we are going to start podcasting more frequently between our larger podcasts. Rachel and I will be doing smaller episodelettes on individual features.  




Lace Tech Tips & Product Reviews:


Music Featured:

Direct download: CWCF_006.mp3
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Rachel finds some really nifty knitting accoutrements while Natalie once again contemplates knitting socks after a long hiatus. Crocheting with wire turns out to be quite fun and yields gorgeous results. We take a look at knitting with plant fibers and chat with the Naked Sheep lady (a.k.a Cheri).
Plant Fibers with Cheri Clark
Stash Maintenance: 


Crochet Chat:
  • Crochet with Wire by Nancie Wiseman
  • Didn't mention it in the chat but Dava Bead & Trade in Pdx is a great source for that 28 gauge wire.  Sorry... apparently they do not carry 30 gauge.


On/Off The Needles

Direct download: CWCF_005.mp3
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Welcome the episode all about Dyeing yarn. We explore the idea of re-purposing yarn through dyeing as well as focusing on old unattended projects. It's all about appreciating what you've got and maybe giving it a 'brand new frock.' :)

Dyeing technique & materials:

Stash Maintenance: 

BBC Comedy Gold:

  • The Good Life (Just a side note - Tom and Barbara already had paid off their house so going self-sufficient might have been more of an option :))
On the Needles: 

Music Featured:

Natalie's Noro Silk Garden Rainbow (Buttons from the Button Emporium)* *I improvised the pattern based on your basic bottom-up cardigan.
Direct download: CWCFEpisode4.mp3
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This is a very delayed release of our podcast. We begin our pondering about Traditional Knitting at the Dublin Bay knitting store in the Pearl District, Portland, Oregon. We adjourned again to our "mobile" recording studio (my car) during the Craft Philosophy segment just because it became a bit boisterous in the shop :).  Thank you again to Dublin Bay for allowing us to record on the premises. Do check out their lovely collection of yarn, fiber, and knitting resources for the knitting Anglophile.

Podcast 3 Notes-


Music featured-

Bing Crosby & the Andrew Sisters - Accentuate the Positive

Barrell House Annie - Ain't Gonna Give It Away


Natalie's Ongoing Grey Pseudo Fair Isle Project (Knit with Kauni)
Rachel's Jamieson Pullover


Direct download: Episode3.mp3
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