For those of you who are into getting ready for gift giving later in the year here are a few suggestions. Also, we show you exactly how nerdy we are. Bonk!
Remember you can get a hold of us if you have any questions or feedback via .

Note: I will post the list of gift objects with links shortly in a separate blog post (Natalie).
Show Notes:
Otaku = A nerdy fan/collector  
Music Featured:


* I created graph paper in excel by sizing the rows and colums until I got a graph paper grid. If you don't have access to MS Office products then you can easily create one using the spreadsheet feature in Google Docs. Rachel and I actually use Google Docs to collaborate on developing the ideas and outlines for this podcast.

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Rachel shares her sock knitting secrets, and she's finally finished with her Log Cabin Noro blanket! Natalie obsesses over two very large bumps of red wool. Oh dear!
Rachel's Chat on the Fine Art of Knitting Socks

On/Off Our Needles

BTW - I could not validate the legend or tradition of giving away opals as 'spiteful' gifts. But I did find out that apparently Sir Walter Scott started a rumor/superstition that it was bad luck to give Opals to people who were not born in October... Sir Walter, really? But Queen Victoria luckily dispelled the rumour by giving them away as gifts. (She probably had stock in Australian Opal mines).  

How to get a hold of us.... visit our blog/podcast site at or use our gmail


Music and Audio Selections:

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Yarn Contest

Here are the photos of the yarns up for grabs in Episode 8's podcasts. Hey, y'all. There's only one contestant vying for the Yarnia and none for the Shetland handspun. Here's your chance. Post your answers or even best guesses. It doesn't matter if you're wrong. If there aren't enough participants I'll put everyone who comments into the pools for both yarns. To enter read the details in Episode 8's post and follow the directions. Good luck :) Contest 1 - Where was I knitting? Prize: 2 skeins approx. 50 grams each of homespun shetland wool in sport weight. Instead of 1 now 2.

Contest 2 - What's that sound at the end of the podcast? 1 350 yard skein Yarnia Estrel ( 34% Bamboo; 29% Merino; 27% Wool). Sweet... super sweet! Okay, here's where I confess. The yarn I originally promised from Yarnia a cotton bamboo blend was actually gifted from my stash. My deepest apologies. But I stopped by lovely yarnia and picked up this even more gorgeous (in my opinion) cone of Bamboo/Merino/Wool. It's enough to make a pretty luxurious muffler.


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It's time for you Northwesters to stretch your geography muscles. I was at a particular riverside setting. Can you guess where I was?

Harvey Pekar - the mind behind the comic "American Splendor." Learn more about Harvey at the Pekar Project.

Everyday Inspired Knits:

My apologies to Rhonda White for mentioning Knitting Nonsense which is the place where the pattern is published and to Abigale - 1870pearl for not catching your entire Ravelry handle.

Crocheted Steampunk Gloves - a 3 hour class at the Naked Sheep Knitshop in North Portland, OR - Saturday (August 14) 1:00-4:00pm

Remember students receive 10% OFF all purchases one week before class begins through the last day of class

Yarns Used - Cascade Heritage Sock & Collinette Sock Yarn Fedora Primo - great little hat shop in Santa Monica, CA


Contest #1 for Northwest Natives - Prize = Shetland handspun made by me in a natural fawn brown.

Please note where this is. What river am I on? What's the name of the park where we're at?  

Contest #2 for Everyone Else - Prize = 300 yards of Yarnia - bamboo yarn (DK weight)

What is making the sounds at the end of the podcast??

For both contests note in the comments 1.) The contest number 2.) Your location 3.) Your guess As I noted you have until 8/15 to respond to the comments. I'll announce the winners in our next podcast after that date. If you want to send us your answers... e-mail us at

Here's the photo for contest #1 (Hint there's a bridge in the distance)

Clue # 2 This was the view on the way there...

Music Selections this Podcast:

Waterbound - Shake that Little Foot

Rabbits Never Get Married - Hank Penny

Everyday - Buddy Holly

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<a href=""> My Podcast Alley feed!</a> {pca-d5c8ad3fa95c3fa3eb828961614775ac}


We're now available on Podcast Alley!


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Well done with it for now... looks like sunny days are around the corner. Here's a mini episode as promised in Episode 6.  

Introduction & Sweater Quest

Gansey Talk

Image of a Gusset from my "Two Week Raglan" made for my husband:


Crochet Chat (Book Review)

Music Selections

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