In this episode Natalie talks about knitting for sewing. She also shares some antique knitting treasures and has found the perfect yarn for heirloom aran knitting.

Knitting Books from the past (long ago):

Knitting my way out of my stash:

Yarn Review:


Music Featured:

* I need to get another photo of Eric's vest in it's finished state. I'll post it up here once I find it.

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Greetings, fellow needlers! This is Natalie. I came home in such a sour mood, didn't feel like podcasting, but I put myself to task... git 'er done, I said. And you know... after sharing with y'all, I'm in a much better mood. 


Rabbit Mnemonic for Single Crochet: (Made some adjustments because what I said in the podcast may not have made a lot of sense :))
1.) Make a chain (or a series of rabbit holes)
2.) Insert the hook into the 2nd stitch from the right (Go into the 2nd rabbit hole from the right)
3.) Pull the working yarn through this hole from the back (Pull one of the rabbits out of the hole)
4.) You have two loops on the hook (Now you have two rabbit friends)
5.) Pull the working yarn through the back of these two loops (bring the another rabbit through both of the friends. He takes these friends away)  
Music Featured:
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Thank you to everyone who entered or commented. Everyone’s a winner but we have four actual people who got prizes. I was feeling rather generous... so in addition to the yarn I’m giving two bumperstickers (#1: “I knit so I don’t kill people & #2: “Got balls? Knit”) If you want some of your own clever bumperstickers check on the Naked Sheep’s website.  



  • Yarnia - Tian or Knitdesigns on Ravelry
  • Shetland - Desiree
  • Bumpersticker 1: Maris
  • Bumpersticker 2: Julie

I will be contacting the winners via e-mail.  


Actual Answers:

1.) We were at Milo McIver State Park on the Clackamas River here in Oregon.  

2.) That was the sound of my husband’s wet converse tennis shoes stomping on a river rock.


Now I have to go (turn this computer off)  because it’s so damn hot in here and I don’t have air conditioning :(

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My attempt at a stainless steel spider web. Knit with beads and Habu Stainless Steel*

Just a note dear listener... This is Natalie. Thank you for bearing with my learning curve. I've been experimenting with changing the format and delivery of the podcast. As ever I and we appreciate any feedback you have to give. :) email:


De Show Notes:

Link to my blog post on the old grey sweater that like at the bottom of my "Bin of Shame/UFO's."

Poorly drawn schematic of a Saddle Shoulder Sweater... note the saddles form the shoulders



Crochet Book Review - Crochet So Fine - Krisitn Omdahl


Music/Sound Featured:


  • A few days left to enter the contest to win Yarnia or handspun yarn in Episode 8
  • I'm natknit and Rachel is RachelP on Ravelry
  • I'm on Twitter - My handle is nlkilkenny

* There is another version of Stainless Steel yarn out by Lion Brand

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From our last talk... some of the ideas Rachel & I generated:

Additional things knitted/crocheted for gifts
Baby Sweaters:
  • Star of the County Down (as mentioned earlier in Episode 6); 
  • Gwynned's Hat (from Knit Scene Fall 2010) - NL- I'm knitting this in Asland Trend's Invernal. It's a gorgeous project and a breeze to do.
  •  Three Tams (Knitty)
  • Turn a Square Hat (Brooklyn Tweed)
Dishcloths, potholders:
Mitts/Fingerless Gloves:


Remember you can get a hold of us if you have any questions or feedback via .

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