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This one is all about Quick Christmas Gifts and the Regency Period.
Music Featured:
Quick Christmas Gifts
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This one gets us ready for the Holiday Knitting Effort.

Happy Knits & Melinda Vermeer:

Holiday Knitting Tips:

Halloween 2011. That’s me in the red deer mask in the back. Sorry the photo of the Owls sweater isn’t that sharp. The Halloween Party Bus theme this year was Red Devils.

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Yes, we're planning to dive back into sweater knitting because again, it is Fall!

On/Off the Needles:

Little Red/Sweater Design:

Festival Season:

Google + Database:

Music Featured:

  • Carmen Miranda - "Tico Tico"
  • Zero Suspiro - "Conversatione"
  • Xavier Cugat - "Papa Loves Mambo"
Freya Sweater
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This one is all about Shetland Sheep! I had a long conversation with Tracy & Tom of McTavish Shetlands.

Felted Shetland Vest

Tracy’s Felted Shetland Vest. Read more about it on the blog.

Music Featured:

Ease on Down the Road

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It's all about the Sock Summit 2011, but it's not just about knitting socks. Sock Summit was one heck of a big party for knitters, spinners and fiber enthusiasts.

Rachel & Natale talk at the sock summit

Sweet Georgia Yarns

About Knitting & Spinning with Silk Hankies

Bethany Hendrickson and Fleece to Foot

Happy Knits

Sweet Georgia Yarns Pomegranate Photo
Natalie's Podcasting Tech Kit
Podcasting tool kit at the Sock Summit

PurpleYarnQueen's Handspun Sock Yarn

PurpleYarnQueen's hand spun sock yarn in all it's purple glory!


Me waiting in the sun by the Bell before the No Po walking trek

OCC Socksummiteers waiting

The long line during the opening day of the Marketplace

World Largest Sock at the Sock Summit

The World's Largest Sock (WIP) at the Sock Summit. It was like knitting a yurt!

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Music Featured:


Sock Knitting Segment
1.) Designing Your Own Toe Up Sock Pattern
2.) Vanilla Sock Pattern
3.) Heel Flap Extension

Correction: I mentioned the Inuit people in referencing the "Arctic Lace" book. This is incorrect as the book covers the traditions of the Native or Indigenous Peoples of Alaska. Inuit actually refers to the Northern Native Peoples in Canada & Greenland.

Lanesplitter Skirt Panel

Lanesplitter Skirt

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sewn Bindoff (Video)

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Report out from 2011's Blacksheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon. I find the wheel of my dreams. A little about our lovely national holiday and knitting during the American Revolutionary War.

Music Featured

Bugle Rag Call - Glen Miller


McTavish Farms (Contact Tom for more info on McTavish Wheelworks and his fabulous spinning wheels)
Dicentra Designs on Etsy
/ On Ravelry
StitchJones (On Etsy)
Dudelace Group
on Ravelry
Good Reads Book List on US History
No Idle Hands
Monmouth Hat Pattern

Sock Knitting Segment
1.) Designing Your Own Toe Up Sock Pattern
2.) Vanilla Sock Pattern

3.) Heel Flap Extension

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Cave behind the South Falls at Silver Falls State Park
In this episode
  • There’s a bit about a hike in the woods and knitting socks in nature
  • Something about lace for dudes.
  • Mention of podcasts I love from across the pond.
  • and the continuation of the sock saga.

Erosional Chimney
Seabuckthorn Plant (WIkipedia)
Sea Berry Plant (One Green World Catalog)
Exploring Shimada’s Sock Class (Class is taught by Gayle Roehm)
Purl District in Silverton, OR
Knitting Thimble
Dudelace Group on Ravelry
Sock Summit Group on Ravelry
I Am Addicted (Natalie’s Blog)
Natknit Daily
On twitter you can find me as: @Cloudynatknit

Sock Knitting Segment
Podcasts from Across the Pond
Electric Sheep

Sock Pattern Links
More Photos from the Hike
Music used:
Shake that Little Foot - Lark in the Clean Air
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Socks from my handpainted sock yarn

This is the one where I knit socks, socks and more socks... and try the Starmore sweater one more time!

Music Featured
Ballad of the Black Chihuahua - Jon Rauhaus
Swim Out - The Toothaches (sorry I featured them last time but I’m on a New Wave kick)
Inventio #2 in C Minor (Bach) - Learning Music

Beach Knitting
Alice Starmore’s Lochinver

Dyeing Tutorials
How to Handpaint Roving - great tutorial
Dyeing Silk Roving
More on Dyeing Silk Roving
Cascade Eco Wool
Fire on the Mountain

String & Beans Blog
Make1Inc’s Site

Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene June 24-26
Black Sheep Bingo
Contest Thread - Help me figure out what to do with this yarn!
Information about the No Po informal walking tour (Ravelry) - I’ll be updating this more...

Sock Pattern Links
1.) Designing Your Own Toe Up Sock Pattern
2.) Vanilla Sock Pattern
3.) Heel Flap Extension

Come to Silver Sock Tutorials
Cat Bordhi’s Tutorial on Knitting on Two Circular Needles

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Yarns on the left are some of my handdyed sockyarns

This one is all about finishing by blocking and getting ready for the Sock Summit.

Music used:

Show note links:

Contest: Help me find a way to use this yarn. Post your suggestions at the Cloudy with a Chance of Fiber forum in Ravelry

Make1Inc (Vashte’s) pattern website.

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In this episode Natalie tells all about her day at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival as well as her spinning adventures during the month of April.

The cat that ate the business card sitting on my Columbia wool!

Sample skein of purple yarn made from Columbia fiber

Hand spindle with Blue Faced Leicester from Frabjous Fibers

80% Merino & 20% Silk with Terroir fiber from Sincere Sheep
Suri Alpaca Lace.

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Episode 24 - Hello Spring!

We're both so ready for Spring weather and a repreive from the continuous downpour that has innundated the Northwest this year.

On & Off the Needles:

Photos: Blue Baby Socks, Trellis Sweater

Hooray for Spring Knitting:

Spring things in our queue for the near future
Baby things     
  • socks
  • hats
  • toys
Little lace projects & cowls

Twitter Chat or #knitchat

  • #knitchat is a 1 hour Twitter chat that happens every Thursday night from 6:30-7:30 PST
  • To follow and participate in #knitchat simply follow and tweet the hashtag "twitterchat"
  • Shout out and thanks to participants of #knitchat @yarnsalad, @McDGG, @MrsKniterati
  • the Online Twitter & Facebook Paper - my version is called the Natknit Daily

Music Featured:

Blue Skies - Betty Hutton

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So I did fall off wagon. But I am valiantly getting back on and starting all over again.

Photo from the Morguefile:


Lee Rosevere - Up All Night
Sally Gardens - Sláinte
Cow Cow Boogie
- Ella Fitzgerald & the Inkspots

Back in the Saddle Again - Gene Autry





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Sorry Explicit this time because I used the S-bomb.... but only once.

This one is all about art.


Music & Sound Featured:

Yarn Bombing:

Giant Knitting (Art):

Freeform Crochet/Knitting:

FiberCamp Boston 2011:

Yarn Lust Confessions:




My Scrumble (Freeform Crochet)



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Natalie Reflects on the Knitting Progress for January.

Knitting Update:

Serviceable Sweater in Handbook of Wool & Knitting (via the Project Gutenberg)
Knitting without Tears - Elizabeth Zimmerman
Custom Knits - Wendy Bernard
Knitting Origins
Toy Knitting Machine Example - OMG that looks like a muppet worm is coming out of that machine. Eyelash.... I shudder
Final Notes:
Yarn Stash Spreadsheet: Follow the instructions on the page and save a copy for yourself
Music Featured:
Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee - Fred Warring's Pennsylvanians
Silky Wool XL & the Melbourne Sweater


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Cambridge Jacket from Best of Interweave Knits


Cloudy Flickr group 

Knitting Fantasy lives:

Natalie's 2011 Sweaters n' more:

All unfinished items
Beatnik (Knitty)
October Frost (A fine Fleece)
Forest Mushrooms (Twist Collective) 
Thigh high stockings
Radiate (Knitty)
More Socks 1 pair a month?
Rachel's 2011 Accessories:
Basic Ribbed hat with made-up pattern


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